ITIL Certification Training

  • ITIL Certification refers to Information Technology Infrastructure Library™.
  • ITIL®  is the most widely accepted approach to IT service management in the world.
  • ITIL®  is a best practice framework that has been drawn from both the public and private sectors & describes how IT resources should be organized to deliver business value, documenting the processes, functions and roles of IT Service Management (ITSM).
  • ITIL® was developed in the 1980s and 1990s by CCTA (Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency, now the Office of Government Commerce, (OGC), under contract to the UK Government.
  • Since then, ITIL® has provided not only a best practice based framework for IT management, but also an approach and philosophy shared by the people who work with it in practice.
  • From January 2014 onwards, the IPR for ITIL®  is owned by AXELOS Ltd.
  • ITIL® has now been updated twice since inception. First time in 2001, version 2(V2) of ITIL®  was released. The Service Support and Service Delivery books were the core focus of ITIL® . Second update of ITIL®  was published in year 2007 – Version 3 (V3). This adopted more of a lifecycle approach to service management, with greater emphasis on IT business integration. The latest version of ITIL® , released in Feb 2019, is often called ITIL® 4.

Advantages of ITIL® certification

  • Manage business risks for your services
  • Minimize service disruption
  • Benchmark services and maximize return on Services
  • Support the marketing and consumption of your services
  • Ensure the quality of services matches customer needs and expectations
  • Ensure the business and your customers are not affected by unexpected service failures
  • Support business change at the speed at the speed your customer needs while ensuring stable and low-risk environment
  • Build and maintain positive business relationships with customers and improve customer satisfaction

Photos of past ITIL® Certification Class