Certified Scrum Master

Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification is the most popular and valued certification in the world world. This certification is provided by the world’s largest Agile certification body, Scrum Alliance.What is Scrum Alliance?

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All Batches have been converted as VIRTUAL [ZOOM CALL] due to Corona situation. All Virtual CSM batches are only during the Corona situation. Virtual Classroom will be withdrawn and regular classroom will resume as soon as the situation becomes normal.


What is Scrum Alliance?

Scrum Alliance was founded in 2001. Scrum Alliance is the largest, most established and influential professional membership and certification organization in the Agile community. Scrum Alliance has certified more than 750,000 practitioners worldwide.  

Scrum Alliance vision is to “Transform the World of Work” with a mission to guide and inspire individuals, leaders, and organizations with practices, principles, and values that create workplaces that are joyful, prosperous, and sustainable. 

Requirements for CSM Certification

  • Attend an in-person, 16-hour course taught by a Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST®)
  • After successfully completing the course, you will need to take the 50 question CSM test and answer 37 out of the 50 questions correctly within the 60 minute time limit
  • After you pass the CSM test, you will be asked to accept the CSM License Agreement and complete your Scrum Alliance membership profile

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Certified Scrum Master Certification:

Question : Why is Scrum Alliance CSM Certification the most valuable certificate in the world ?
Answer: Scrum Alliance Certificates are given by Certified Scrum Trainers (CSTs). CSTs are highly qualified and some of the best trainers in the world. There are only 220 odd CSTs in the world and only 12 CSTs in India. The reason there are so less CSTs is because, CST is highly qualified individual and you need to be best-of-the-best in the world to become a CST. CSTs have good industry experience and are certified to be trainers after a lot of scrutiny. The Training given by a CST is authentic. Organizations recognize the importance of EXPERTISE. Most organizations know that getting trained from a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) ensures that the one who is trained has authentic knowledge about the subject.

Question : Can I do CSM certification ? Am I eligible ?
Answer: There is no eligibility for Certified Scrum Master Training. Even if you are a fresher, you can attend CSM training.  The Prerequisites for getting certified on Scrum are as follows:

  • Attend 2-day training delivered by a CST
  • Pass the CSM Examination

Question: Is CSM applicable to the non-IT industry?
Answer: Scrum is the most famous Agile framework. Scrum has already been used in Automobiles, Research, Education, Pharma, Manufacturing, Banking, etc. It is a way of doing or executing things. CSM can be used by non-IT industries as well.

Question: Who can attend Certified Scrum Master Training?
Answer: Everyone who is interested in working with a Scrum team and wants to know about Scrum, Certified Scrum Master Training is ideal for:

  • Product Managers
  • Developers
  • Programmers
  • Project Managers
  • Managers
  • Executives
  • Business Analyst
  • Product Owners
  • Architects
  • Software Developers
  • Software Testers
  • Team Leads

Question: What is the Examination Format?
Answer :
The Exam consists of 50 questions.
The only question type is a multiple choice type questions. i.e. there are 3 or 4 options and only one correct answer.
There is NO NEGATIVE MARKING for the exam.
You have to score 75% i.e. 37 or more correct questions to pass

Question: What is the guarantee that I will pass the examination? And what will happen if I fail?
Answer: Our Trainer has trained more than 5000 Students still date. And all have cleared their certification successfully. Also, you are eligible for TWO ATTEMPTS in the certification fees that you have paid. So if you fail, you will be given another chance to appear for the examination. However, before making a second attempt, our faculty will like to talk to you on your understanding of Scrum.

Question: I know Scrum. So if I don’t want to attend the CSM training is it okay?
Answer: NO. Attending the Scrum training by a CST is mandatory. The purpose of training is to understand the depths of Scrum and Agile. You may have done Agile in your company, however, learning on the job always involves modifying as per your wish and will and essentially you end up doing the same old things – just renamed as Scrum. It is better that you understand Scrum in a classroom setting so that you get depth on the subject.

Question: Is CSM Certification enough for me?
Answer: The Certified Scrum Master Training is to get you acquainted with Scrum. Your job is to get in-depth and prepare on this subject. We will help you with a learning path in terms of recommendations on reading.

Question: Does CSM Certification have an expiry date?
Answer: Yes. CSM Certification has an expiry of 2 years from the date of certification.

Question: How do I renew my CSM Certification?
Answer: You can renew the Certified Scrum Master certification two ways:

  1. You can do any other Scrum Alliance certification and your CSM certification will renew automatically for another 2 years from the date you complete another certification of Scrum Alliance
  2. You can report 30 SEU or Continuous Education Credits (Scrum Education Units) and pay a renewal fees of USD 100. Some of the ways to gain the continuing education credits
  • There are literally hundreds of ways to gain continuing education credits(SEUs,PDUs, etc.)for free:Read books, blogs and articles about any agile practice, principle, or framework. 
  • Contribute to a local agile or Scrum User Group. 
  • Participate in agile lunch-and-learns at your place of business.
  • Come to live webinar events or watch pre-recorded webinars.
  • Demonstrate learning in some other, creative way. 
  • Watch our free Scrum Foundations e-learning videos.
  • Enroll and participate in the free, online Path to Coaching program.
  • Attend an agile or Scrum event.  

Question: Why there is a renewal fee for Scrum Alliance CSM Certification?

CSM is the most valuable certificate in the world. Most employers recognize the certificate – not just because of the certificate, but also because of the value Scrum Alliance generates by the community creation. Scrum Alliance community consists of Authors, Writers, Thinkers and really the who’s-who in the Agile world. This community is created by investing in Scrum Gatherings which gives opportunity for the Scrum Alliance Certified delegates to come together and build knowledge about Agile and Scrum.

As a non-profit organization, Scrum Alliance reinvests these $100 fees in face-to-face engagement and increased understanding around the world via regional gatherings, user groups, research grants, scholarships, and more. Thus giving back to the community in a big way.

Most of the competitor organizations are profit-making organizations. Therefore they do not invest in any community activities. Competitor organizations have nothing to offer to the community other than giving free-bees such as free certifications or free renewals.

Either ways, the competitor organizations are not popular certifications and employers do not value these certificates. The question to be asked is, why in the first place would you even make the initial investment, if the world does not recognize the certificate.

Question: What does WOA provide me to gain CSM certification
We as WOA don’t just give training. We provide all the support our students need post-training as well. After the training you need help in terms of understanding the subject better, clarify doubts, get depth in the subject. Mr. Amit Kulkarni is a well-known trainer on Agile and he will personally help with responding to your queries post the training.
WOA gives you an online course on Agile with the Certified Scrum Master Training. This Online course has in-depth topics on Generally Accepted Agile Practices e.g. estimation, prioritization, user story related, etc. This course will help you build depth on the subject.
Also, we have an Online Live webinar for DevOps and PMP.

Our Schedules for Certified Scrum Master Certification

CertificationCityFrom DateTo DatePlaceNo. Of DaysTime / DayRegister nowTrainerPrice (Incl Taxes)
CSM (SOLD OUT)VIRTUAL [USA]03-Jun05-JunZOOM CALL39:00 AM [EDT, NY Time] 5:00 PM [Dubai Time]Amit Kulkarni800 USD (Call us for discount)
CSM (SOLD OUT)VIRTUAL [INDIA - Weekend]06-Jun07-JunZOOM CALL29 AM - 5 PM ISTAmit Kulkarni30K INR (Call us for discount)
CSPOVIRTUAL [INDIA - Weekend]13-Jun14-JunZOOM CALL29 AM - 5 PM ISTRegister with Scrum Alliance (SA) Discount on SA siteAmit Kulkarni30K INR (Call us for discount)
CSMVIRTUAL [USA]16-Jun18-JunZOOM CALL37PM - 12 AM EDT (NY TIME)Register with Scrum Alliance (SA) Discount on SA siteAmit Kulkarni800 USD (Call us for discount)
CSMVIRTUAL [INDIA - Weekend]20-Jun21-JunZOOM CALL29 AM - 5 PM ISTRegister with Scrum Alliance (SA) Discount on SA siteAmit Kulkarni30K INR (Call us for discount)
CSPOVIRTUAL [USA]23-Jun25-JunZOOM CALL37 PM - 12 AM [EDT, NY Time]Register with Scrum Alliance (SA) Discount on SA siteAmit Kulkarni800 USD
CSMVIRTUAL [INDIA - Weekend]27-Jun28-JunZOOM CALL29 AM - 5 PM ISTRegister with Scrum Alliance (SA) Discount on SA siteAmit Kulkarni30K INR (Call us for discount)